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Principal (B Yen)

My specialty is hard-core preparation/pre-running, in choosing a photogenic spot for OffRoad Racing photography/videography. I often will appear on TV broadcasts, because I get CLOSE to the action.

That's me in the foreground, in front of the ESPN cameras. The left image is from the 1990 Crandon Off-Road World Championship (the location where I got the killer shot of Robby Gordon..see above), and the right image is from the 1991 Willow Springs Off-Road World Championship (from ESPN coverage).

The middle picture is my 4x4 Van doing stunt work in the movie *Scavanger Hunt*, tear-assing around the streets of downtown San Diego. (I'm NOT driving, a professional stuntman is at the wheel). . Currently, it's in my backyard, the steering system destroyed after years of Baja off-roading.

Editorial/Stock Photography

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My world-wide photo-credits include Newsweek Magazine (LEAD photo, for cover story on Comet Hale Bopp in '97), CNN, ABC News, CBS Evening News w/Dan Rather, PBS Mcneil/Lehrer Reports. I received international acclaim in '93, when my video footage of the '93 El Toro Jet Crash apeared on CNN & ABC News. Subsequently, I was picked up by Gamma Liaison Network (acquired recently by Getty Images), a renowned international photographic agency specializing in editorial news. My photography/videography has been marketed in leading magazines (& television) all over the world, including Vogue magazine.

As a sidenote, I have actually *appeared* on ESPN 4 times because I get so close-to-the-action:
  • ESPN coverage of 7/90 Fireworks 250 coverage (an aerial shot of Robby Gordon ..who won it overall..flashing by my white 4x4 van)
  • ESPN covereage of 9/90 Crandon World Championships (Walker Evans speeding by me near Start/Finish, see above)
  • ESPN coverage of 8/91 Willow Springs World Championships (Jack Flannery crashing into Frank Vessels, see above)
  • ESPN coverage of 11/02 Baja 1000 (Eli Yee jumping agressively over the Borrego Jump)
I also have appeared on an episode of Baywatch, where I was in the front row of the photographer-gallery during the Miss OP Beauty Contest (Long Beach, CA). Interestingly enough, Baywatch had an "OffRoad Racing" episode, where Russ Wernimont (Robby Gordon's crew chief @Venable Racing), Rich Minga, et al had cameo appearances as "extras".

OffRoad Racing Photography

May 1990 issue of OffRoad Magazine

centerspread photo-section of my article (feauturing my shot of Robby Gordon)

opening page of my article (note my authoring credit "by Bob Yen")

Oct 1990 issue of OffRoad Magazine

centerspread photo-section of my article (feauturing my shot of Robby Gordon)

opening page of my article (note my authoring credit "by Bob Yen")

Sept 1991 issue of OffRoad Magazine

photo-section of (feauturing my shot of Ivan Stewart)

opening page of my article (note my photo credit "by Bob Yen", Rick Sieman author)

With respect to OffRoad Racing -- I have had photo-credits in all of the 3 major off-road magazines: Off-Road, Petersen's 4 Wheel & Offroad, 4-Wheeler (as well as writing articles w/photos with all three). Because of intrusion into rights of OffRoad Community (4x4'ers & OffRoad Racers) in USA, I have tapered off in my coverage of US based OffRoad races. Since 1999, I have been working with Seeleyracing.com, in bringing Internet-based coverage for the SCORE OffRoad races. It started with the SCORE Laughlin '99 race, where I brought SAME-DAY Internet coverage with pics/videos. 2 years later, I followed it up by covering the 2001 SCORE Primm 300 race with SAME-HOUR coverage with pics/videos

Finally, in 2004 I covered the Geiser Bro's D&D Openhouse with REAL-TIME Internet coverage with pics/videos. The availability of cutting-edge cellular technology/connectivity has made "photo-blogging" & live-webcasting available to roving reporters. I followed it up by covering the 2005 Rose Bowl (Michigan VS Texas), with REAL-TIME pics/videos

Finally, as the year 2005 begins, I'm on the brink of scoring a coup for SCORE offroad racing by covering it in REAL-TIME with pics/videos. I view it as a continuation of the recent media coup by other OffRoad Racing visionaries (Cameron Steele/ESPN, Pete Sohren, Geiser Bro's, Robby Gordon, Marty Coyne, Scott Steinberger/PCI Radios, Ryan Arciero), who combined to bring OffRoad Racing to public-awareness with the following TV spots:
  • 3-part CNBC coverage of the 2004 Baja 1000 ("Bullseye" pgm, anchored by Dylan Ratigan)
  • NBC 1-hour show on the Baja 1000 (featuring Robby Gordon, Marty Coyne, Scott Steinberger/PCI)
  • TechTV show on the Darpa Challenge (featuring commentary by Scott Steinberger/PCI)
  • SpeedChannel interview with Ryan Arciero about the Baja 1000 (anchored by Dave Despain)
I am very hopeful that my efforts will complement/continue the above "Collective Action" of OffRoad Racing "visionaries". Not only are they OffRoad Racers, but they are ambassadors to the sport of OffRoad Racing.

Scientific Photography

Comet Hale-Bopp over Joshua Tree (appeared in Newsweek Magazine)

'99 solar eclipse, TOTALITY, appeared on APOD

'98 Leonid Meteor earth-grazing fireball, appeared on APOD
My scientific photo-credits include Tenmon Guide,
Sky & Telescope, Astronomy, New Scientist. I am considered one of the leading solar eclipse photographers in the world (see feedback from my 1998 solar eclipse expedition, & my solar eclipse page). My other specialty is meteor-patrol photography, see my meteor-patrol photography page

My engineering/scientific work has also received world-wide acclaim I have had many technical publications (areas of Computer Vision, Image Processing & Computer Graphics). My specialty is a strong technical background (3 engineering degress, with PhD), with a specialty in computers & rigorous mathematical analysis. I have the unique ability to traverse the practical ("real world", i.e. building hardware or software design/development) & theoretical ("laboratory research", i.e. algorithm development, simulation) areas, which gives me an edge in being an "impact player". I have an interesting portfolio in research & development (pure & applied), involving a diverse # areas. I am formerly with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Computer Graphics Division & Image Processing Division), & currently operate a one-man Think-Tank consulting service. I have a strong track-record, for getting SIGNFICANT results, & doing it FAST. It's no surprise, that I have an affinity to the motor-racing community (especially off-road), where the operative phrase is "Our Minds Are Always Racing", "Technology on the Fast Track", etc. I am currently pursuing various engineering projects, in the highly competitive & fast-paced arena of auto-racing technology.



  • In 1990, for OffRoad magazine, B Yen became a regular photo contributor for SCORE off-road races & MTEG stadium races. He also was a writer/photographer for 3 offroad articles.
  • In 1991, B Yen also had writer/photo credits for offroad racing articles in Four-Wheeler magazine & Petersen's 4Wheel&Offroad
  • In 1990, B Yen began to shoot video along with still-photos. In 1993, his 1993 Baja 500 footage (Walker Evans Racing vehicles) was used by Jerry Garrett on Prime Ticket Network's coverage.
  • From 1991-1994, B Yen's astrophotography began to get published in the Baja themed magazines: Baja Explorer & Baja Life
  • In 1993, B Yen scored a coup when he was the ONLY member of the professional photographer crew at the El Toro Air Show, to get footage of the F86 jet crash. It was shown all over the world on CNN & ABCNews. It also gained him professional representation by one of the elite New York photographic agencies (worldwide coverage): Gamma Liasion Network (it has since been bought out by Getty Images)
  • In 1996, B Yen's astrophotography of Comet Hyakutake in the California & Arizona deserts was published in Astronomy magazine
  • In 1997, B Yen's astrophotography of Hale-Bopp gained worldwide recognition by ESO (European Southern Observatory, Dr. Richard West), NASA, Internet. He scored a *lead-photo* credit, in Newsweek Magazine's cover-story on Comet Hale-Bopp. His website Comet-track.com generated over a million hits, which caused the servers to crash!
  • In 1999, B Yen joined forces with George Seeley, Jr (Class 5 racer) & Seeleyracing.com, to bring SAME-DAY coverage to SCORE offroad racing at the '99 Laughlin Race
  • In 2001, B Yen once again joined forces with Seeleyracing.com, to bring SAME-HOUR coverage to SCORE offroad racing at the Primm 300 race
  • In 2004, B Yen once again joined forces with Seeleyracing.com, to bring REAL-TIME coverage to an offroad racing event at the Geiser Bro's D&D race-shop Xmas Party/Open House
  • In 2005, B Yen brought Real-Time coverage of the Rose Bowl, as an Internet webcast.