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1993 Baja 500 [ Pine Forest, river crossing ]

George Seeley (Class ) pit stop [ full service ]

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SCORE '06 Baja 500 IRIDIUM Live vehicle-tracking (NAL Research Iridium box), test for Terrible Herbst Motorsports

NAL Research loaned their laboratory unit (9601 Iridium satellite tracker) to Dr. Bob Yen (Jumplive.com), for a Baja 500 test w/Seeley Racing Class 5. Click HERE for documentation of George Seeley Class 5 pre-Race prep (along w/Bob Yen), incl installation of NAL Research IRIDIUM black-box.

On behalf of Troy Herbst (Terrible Herbst Motorsports), who requested a LIVE WebCast (along w/tracking) for the SCORE '06 Baja 500. This happened during the SCORE '06 San Felipe 250 at Terrible Herbst pit (in front of El Cortez hotel), with Curt Leduc & Todd Leduc, Larry Roeseler present:

[ Click HERE for screenshot, ALL documented here with Jumplive.com's Textamerica.com LiveWebCast of SCORE '06 San Felipe 250, supported by Vildosola Racing for 2006 season (SCORE & BITD) ]

Below is the tracking result:

click on image for hi-res version

Here are some post-race pictures of the tracking unit & power-supply:

9601 tracking unit

9601 tracking unit

9601 tracking unit

9601 power supply

9601 power supply

9601 power supply

More pictures at "Baja 500" mobile-blog (Documentation of work done by Dr B Yen & George Seeley at SCORE '06 Baja 500), videos at "Seeley Racing" video-blog

FRAUD evidence:
  • LIED to Sal & Paul Fish of SCORE
    MISREPRESENTING themselves as developer of IRIDIUM based LIVE satellite-vehicle tracking (by 2 DoD/Dept of Defense contractors NAL Research & SRA International)

    Constitutes Homeland Security Patriot Act violation (MANDATORY Federal Prison sentence!!). Sal & Paul Fish *detected* the LIE immediately. However, they still allowed these PERPETRATORS/FRAUDSTERS to enter SCORE '06 Primm 300 (deal with Terrible Herbst Motorsports), to do "tests". Originally, promised to Dr B Yen by Troy Herbst for SCORE '06 Baja 500, at '06 SCORE San Felipe 250. (Click HERE for Jumplive.com demo by Dr B Yen for Troy Herbst at Terrible Herbst pit..El Cortez hotel)

  • FAKE business-card
    no contract with Dr B Yen to be "CTO"..!!!!

  • Terrible Herbst Motorsports infringement
    Plagiarism/Copy of Dr B Yen's email

  • got SUED by Terrible Herbst Advertising Director (Louis Worthy), of Desertracing.com
    Copyright Infringement of Louis Worthy's picture of Terrible Herbst trophy truck. Lawsuit papers "served" at '07 SCORE Laughlin race. Coincidentally, same race where (legendary race photorapher) Peter Brock was hit (both legs broken) due to Offroad Unlimited acting IRRESPONSIBLY. They did not heed warnings by SCORE to move their RV & Suburban, in the infield. See below for Youtube link.

Photographer (legendary Peter Brock of Nissan Racing fame) gets smacked by Class 16 Car at the 07 SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, due to Offroad Unlimited IGNORING SCORE warnings (RV & Suburban too close to race-track). Other pics here at 1 and 2

More EVIDENCE from Web/Internet of poor business practices by Offroad Unlimited:

  • Race-Dezert.com thread (Shop > Shop - Miscellaneous F150/Bronco TTB)
    Jerry [ Zaiden of Camburg ]-

    Sorry to say this...But I wouldn't refer anyone to ORU [ Offroad Unlimited ]. They are a bunch of schiesters if you ask me, and a bunch of people I know [ customer victims ]. I say this based on a couple things...15K jobs, with a pro comp kit, a chrome diff cover, and tires and wheels. Come on now....Want a straight axle? Sure, they'll do it for 10k. That is insane!! I understand everyone has to make money, but being RUDE WITH CUSTOMERS, OVERCHARGING, and PUTTING ON CRAPPY COMPONENTS on a 40k suburban? Sorry, I've got better people to spend the $$$ with. If you want a solid axle, try Strictly Performance in Newbury Park. Very knowledgeable, very upfront.


  • from FULLSIZE forums (Chevy Truck > General Discussion > Offroad) thread, Oru!!!!!
    Originally posted by Scooter
    For them to be so pricy on their parts i have haerd the service is about as bad as the prices.. I personaly find its cheeper to make the parts yourself and you come out alot better.. I know when they sent tjayandlisa's stuff it took them bealive two times to get him the right parts..

    lata scooter

    I have emailed them many times, and every single time, their "Representative" is VERY rude and disrespectful. I guess they don't want anybody to buy from them, huh?

    When I was plannin the SFA on my 95 (before I bought the 78), I decided to buy the ORU brackets and have them copied. Then send them back to them. If I could. you might wanna do the same thing. And if you can't, then sell the copies to somebody.

SCORE '07 Baja 250

Seeley Racing w/Uptime sponsorship looking forward to SCORE '07 Baja 250

[ LIVE coverage HERE ]

Seeley Racing takes 1st at SCORE '07 Desert Challenge